Utrecht – The city by night

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When I arrived in the Netherlands nearly 3 years ago I searched for any photo groups that I might join. There was a lack of local clubs, but in Amsterdam I found a meetup group of like-minded expats! Being that little bit far from Amsterdam I don’t partake in so many of their organised events, but on Saturday I was delighted to join their annual photo walk – which was held in Utrecht this year.

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-12

So, armed with camera, lenses, and my trusty (but rather underused) tripod, I headed into Utrecht (about an hour from where I live) to meet up with around 30 other photographers, who had arrived from all over the Netherlands for the evening photo walk organised by the Amsterdam Photo club.

Unfortunately the estimation of sunset was a little eagerly anticipated and the wonderful view of the city from our start point was experienced in pretty much broad daylight! However with a little bit of a play in photo shop with one of my images I have created this which I love. All the detail was there in the photo – I just had to find it!

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-1

From the central station we then explored the city gradually. Stopping at several locations; chosen for their diverse offerings in night photography opportunities.

While waiting for it to go dark we played with long shutter speeds and blur. It’s not something I’ve done an awful lot of, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to play. The next photo seemed a bit flat and bland, so I used a program called Topaz to create a more dynamic and unique photo.

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-2



We then headed towards the pretty canals and cobbled squares of the city which I was really looking forward to photographing.

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-3

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-5 Night photography Utrechtutrecht-6 Night photography Utrechtutrecht-7


By around half way through the walk all light had gone from the sky; so to produce well lit photos I was completely reliant on long shutter speeds. I don’t use my tripod very much because I find it restricts my photographic flow – but for night photography it is an absolute essential.

In the centre of Utrecht there is a very pretty area of beautifully lit canals and there is also a tunnel; whose lights change colour every 3 seconds. I enjoyed trying to capture these.

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-8

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-4


Walking towards the end of the evening I had the opportunity to photograph two of my favourite locations in the city (not far from each other).

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-9 Night photography Utrechtutrecht-10

When my husband started working in Netherlands he lived in Utrecht during the week. His apartment was just around the corner from the location in the photo above, so I am delighted to have captured this.

By the end of the evening the group had reduced in size a little – it was pretty cold! However photographing the arch below the Dom Tower was the last thing on my agenda for the evening before we met up for a group photo.

Night photography Utrechtutrecht-11 Taking a photo walk with a group of like-minded individuals, along a pre planned route is a great way to explore and photograph a city. I shy away from night photography because I do not like to do it on my own – so I really enjoyed this opportunity, and I’m delighted with the photos I made on the walk.




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