I am an artist translating my love of the landscape through the medium of fine art and abstract photography.

I take inspiration for my work the minute I look out of my window. The weather and the changes in season offering me ever changing wonderment.  Having moved to The Netherlands from England 6 years ago, I was offered an amazing opportunity to explore my new home through the medium of photography. I delight in the opportunity to portray what many to consider as a ‘flat and boring’ landscape, into an image that intrigues and questions that preconceived notion.

Many of my images are made just a short walk from my house, and prove that you need not travel to beautiful and exotic locations to create unique images. Just that you be inspired and intrigued by a location.

I create my images using a combination of Intentional camera movement known as ICM and also double exposures. Some of my images are created in a moment of spontaneity, whilst others are carefully combined to replicate a memory. I love the ICM technique for the freedom it allows me from focussing purely on the technical aspects of photography. It’s fun to experiment and create something closer to art, stretching the envelope of photography in new directions. The use of double exposures allows me to explore the feeling further; adding softness, texture, contrast, depth and colour.

The aspiration for my images is that they be recognised as ‘art’ and not just photographs. I hope that my passion for the landscape around me is evident, and that my images make you take a minute to linger and wonder about your own location in which you live.

My early photographic career over 10 years ago tended towards portraits and weddings. However, with a move to the Netherlands, my interests in landscapes was triggered, and more recently my love of abstract photographic art with the use of ICM and double exposure techniques. I now live in a small village in the east of the Netherlands with my husband and son and a collection of ponies, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats; the rural idyll. I love world travel for the photographic, cultural and life experiences it offers.

“Why limit yourself to what your eyes see when you have such an opportunity to extend your vision?” Edward Weston

I am a panel member and judge with The Guild of Photographers, and jointly lead photography tours in The Netherlands with Light and Land.

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Panel member and judge for The Guild of Photographers, UK - June 2020.

MCGP - Master Craftsman Guild of photographers - September 2018 

Awarded for the panel "Take a moment to look at the normal; you might just see the incredible". 20 ICM and double exposure abstract images depicting an emotional response to the landscape.

CrGPP - Craftsman Guild of professional photographers - May 2014

Awarded for the panel "The Netherlands through new eyes". 20 images depicting the Dutch landscape as seen by a non native of the country.

QGP and QGWP - Qualified general and Qualified weddings Guild of Photographers - 2013



Creative light magazine - October 2018 - 6 page article on my Master Craftsman qualification achievement Creative light magazine article read here

On Landscape online magazine- July 2018 a 4x4 portfolio article entitled 'first sign of spring' - 4 images from my ICM fairytale woodlands project. - On Landscape article read online

Camera Craft Magazine - January/February 2018 - 6 page portfolio review - 'Low country Landscapes' - finding inspiration for landscape photography in an a non chocolate box location.  - View magazine article online

Creative Light online magazine - April 2014 - 7 page article documenting my photographic journey with The Guild of Photographers Creative light article read here



Guild of Photographers Photo hubs event - February 2019 - "The art of intentional camera movement" - presentation to delegates at the photohubs event in Crewe Hall, UK (30 attendees)

FODO - Doesburg Camera Club, Netherlands - November 2019 - "An introduction to ICM" - presentation to Doesburg camera club members in The Netherlands (50 attendees)

Guild of Photographers webinars series - May 2020 - "The art of intentional camera movement" - Presentation given via the Guild's webinar series held during the Covid 19 period - Guild members and open to the public - (95 attendees)

Guild of Photographers webinars series - June 2020 - "Creating a cohesive body of work" - Presentation given via the Guild's webinar series held during the Covid 19 period - Guild members and open to the public 

SheClicks webinar - July 2020 - "The art of Intentional Camera Movement" - presentation to members of the Sheclicks online forum as part of their webinar series - (Over 100 attendees)


Connected exhibition. March - May 2019. Nottingham, UK. I have 3 of my abstract woodland images exhibited along side a number of other photographers at this well recognised photographic exhibition. Connected exhibition UK, 2019

Netherlands through new eyes. In December 2014 I hosted my first exhibition of my work.  I displayed my Dutch landscape photography from a personal project to explore the Netherlands as an outsider living in a new land over 2 days. I was delighted with the interest and the level of print sales. Netherlands through new eyes exhibition

Doesburg Culturele Zondag. Regular exhibitor at this Doesburg event held each month. Work from my involvement with the FODO camera club theme groups over the last four years.  Culturele Zondag website



Winner 'Rural and landscape image of the year' 2017 - The Guild of Photographers

From over 14,000 images 2 of my images were shortlisted to the final 12 of this category. My winning image was an Intentional Camera movement (ICM) image taken on a black sand beach in New Zealand.

Runner up 'Rural and landscape image of the year' 2016 -The Guild of Photographers

From over 12,000 images four of my images were shortlisted to the final six for this category. The runner up image was an autumn scene of a rural Dutch canal.

'Open' category winner and 'Overall' print winner at Photohubs Hinkley 2015

Image of the year shortlisted entries 2014

2 shortlisted images in the 'Urban landscape and street photography' category. From over 10,000 images, two of my images were shortlisted as some of the best images submitted during the year.

Photographer of the year (all round) winner 2013 - The Guild of Photographers 

The 'all round' photographer of the year title is awarded to the photographer with the highest combined score from any 8 months in any 2 sections. This award is gained for consistent awarding of gold, silver and bronze bars in the monthly image competitions throughout the year. On average 48 award winning images will have been submitted by the photographer to attain this award.

Winner 'Open' category photographer of the year 2013 - The Guild of Photographers

The 'open category' is for all non portrait and wedding work - I submitted landscape photographs.

Photographer of the year (all round) winner 2012 - The Guild of Photographers - (as 2013)