Awards and publications

The Guild of Professional Photographers Craftsman qualification

In May 2014 I gained my "Craftsmen" level of qualification with the Guild of Photographers. One of only 50 photographers to hold this level of photographic recognition in The Guild. This qualification was attained by submitting a panel of 32 images in digital and print form before a panel of highly respected and recognised photographic judges in the UK. The Craftsman qualification is genre specific; and the images I submitted were from my 2 year long project "The Netherlands through new eyes". I wrote a blog post about this huge personal achievement for me which you can read here: Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers


Published in Camera Craft Magazine January/February 2018 - (6 page portfolio review)

camera Craft JanFeb 2018camera Craft JanFeb 2018

Winner 'Rural and landscape image of the year' 2017 - The Guild of Photographers

2017 award winner2017 award winner

In 2017, I won the 'rural and landscape image of the year' category. From over 14,000 images I had 2 images shortlisted to the final 12 of this category. My winning image was an Intentional Camera movement (ICM) image taken on a black sand beach in New Zealand.

Runner up 'Rural and landscape image of the year' - The 2016 Guild of Photographers

In 2016, I was awarded the runner up award for best 'rural landscape image of the year'.  From over 12,000 images not just one, but four of my images were recognised were shortlisted to the final six for this category as some of the best images submitted during the year.

'Open' category winner and 'Overall' print winner at Photohubs Hinkley 2015


In 2015 I traveled over to the UK for the Guild's first Photo hubs' event at Hinkley, and the print judging competition. My image of the Apledoorns Kanaal in the Netherlands was awarded the 'Open' category title and then unanimously (by 5 judges) awarded the 'Overall' winner title as well. I was delighted, and took away the prize of a valuable Ice Light as well.

Published in Creative Light online magazine April 2014 - (7 page article of images and my story)

Creative Light Online magazine April 2014


Two images shortlisted for 'Image of the year' 2014 - The Guild of Photographers

2014 awards2014 awards

In 2014, two of my landscape images were shortlisted to the final 6 for 'image of the year -urban landscape and street photography'. I was absolutely delighted with this. From over 10,000 images not just one, but two of my images were recognised as some of the best images submitted during the year.

'All round' photographer of the year winner 2013 - The Guild of Photographers 

Winner 'Open' category photographer of the year 2013 - The Guild of Photographers


'All round' photographer of the year winner 2012 - The Guild of Photographers

I am delighted and very proud  that I have been awarded the title of The Guild of Photographers All Round Photographer of the year two years in succession in 2012 and 2013. To be awarded one photographer of the year title in a life time is amazing, but to retain this title for a second year in 2013 was a huge achievement.

In addition to the all round title, in 2013 I was also runner up in the 'Open' section, with many of my landscape images of Holland contributing towards this award. I was also awarded 4th place in the International wedding photographer section. In 2012 I was placed in the top ten of all three categories -portrait, wedding and open.

Many associations base their 'Photographer Of The Year' awards on the judging of one image. However, the Guild of Photographer's does things differently! The title chase is particularly demanding as images are judged each month throughout the year, over a thousand images are entered every month, with only a small percentage attaining recognition in the form of monthly awards. So the winners have to produce images of a consistently high standard literally month after month in order to win!!