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Ready for duty

It's early July, but the summer weather has deserted the Dutch beach, and so have the visitors. I stand watching the waves curl gently over onto the soft sand beach, a gentle chug in the background as a tanker passes by way offshore.

I'm drawn to the wooden breakers on the beach for their beauty and contrast. Strong dark and bold statements, softened by the ever returning tides, safeguarding the beach and its moving sands.

As I stand and watch, I see the ebb and flow of the water round the base of the posts, the tide is coming in, so I am offered a wonderful delight of changing subject to photograph.
Using small ICM movements, my aim is to simplify an already simple scene further - add silence to an already quiet experience. Capture the softness of the waves, but the energy of their movement.

Sunny days and blue sky beaches are not what I love the seaside for!
Ready for duty