A reflection on Amsterdam

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A reflection on Amsterdam

There are so many times I go out with my camera with no clear idea of what I want to create, I just feel the light or the need to be out photographing, and then when I get started I find my path to the images I love.

Yesterday I was in Amsterdam for a meeting and I had a spare two hours with my camera, and I was determined I needed some focus before I arrived. Having photographed Amsterdam so many times I know that I love the landscape, that the colours are crazy and its all actually rather busy. I normally return home with such a selection of images I can do nothing concrete with them. So with an hour on the train I took time to think of the strongest factors I think of when I think of the city.

It came down to two things - the canals and the buildings.....still a bit wide at that point, so I decided to go one step further and ended up with reflections in the canal water and ICM of the tall, beautiful angular buildings. Then i'd see if I could combine these!

DSC_2867 lowresDSC_2867 lowresNikon D700 DSC_2764 lowresDSC_2764 lowresNikon D700

These two give you an idea of what I had imagined in my head.

Of course I got distracted; the stunning weather and leaves turning summer to autumn meant that I also collected a few landscape images of Amsterdam, and the ducks in the water were also a distraction.....but on the whole having a goal was hugely successful. I walked up one side of the canals with my long lens and my eye on the reflections, and then returned with my wider angle and an an ND filter to capture the ICM images.

Back home I have worked on a few and these are the results.

DSC_2828-Edit lowresDSC_2828-Edit lowresNikon D700 DSC_2821-Edit lowresDSC_2821-Edit lowresNikon D700 DSC_2797-Edit lowresDSC_2797-Edit lowresNikon D700 DSC_2743-Edit lowresDSC_2743-Edit lowresNikon D700














































































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