Christmas doubled!!!!!

December 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

Christmas doubled!!!

This year, after many years of saying that I would......I actually made my own Christmas cards. 

Having found the wonderful world of ICM and double exposures on my phone I decided that this year my cards would be abstract Christmas works of art. 

Local to us we have the most amazing garden centre called Intratuin. Each year it puts on probably the biggest indoor display in NL, and I decided it was the perfect place to find inspiration. Armed only with my phone and a couple of Apps I spent around 3 hours in perfect creative bliss collecting ICM and detail shots of lights, tinsel, decorations, greenery and decorations. Its fair to say I have literally hundreds of images on my phone. Those you see are just a selection that I worked with in the photosplit app and in photoshop to create the double exposure effect.

Happy Christmas!!!!

image1 (4)image1 (4)Nikon D700 image1 (6)image1 (6) image1 (7)image1 (7)Nikon D700 image1 (8)-Editimage1 (8)-EditNikon D700 image1 (9)image1 (9) IMG_7549 (2)IMG_7549 (2)Captured with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS IMG_8346IMG_8346 IMG_8344IMG_8344 IMG_7695IMG_7695Captured with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS IMG_7687IMG_7687Nikon D700 IMG_7679 (2)IMG_7679 (2)Nikon D700 IMG_7654IMG_7654Nikon D700

And a little behind the scenes sneak peak. The garden centre.

IMG_8196 (1)IMG_8196 (1) IMG_7616IMG_7616

Here are the two photos for each of the final photos. Just to give you an idea of what I see and what I combine. I look for interesting combinations of light, colour and shape. I try to minimise distractions so I can easily overlay images in a phone ap. But for the second of these examples I did take the image into PS to remove the price labels. When I was walking around I was looking for strong lines, shapes, contrast and colours that could combine and compliment each other.  In some images I used ICM to add a bit of a creative feel, but with some of the textures I liked how they were and just took a normal photo.

IMG_7554IMG_7554Captured with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS IMG_7542IMG_7542Captured with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS image1 (6)image1 (6)

IMG_7598IMG_7598 IMG_7686IMG_7686 image1 (8)-Editimage1 (8)-EditNikon D700



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