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Walking through the wood I love to explore the paths less trodden, but sometimes there are exceptions. In the woods right on the eastern edge of the Hogue Veluwe National park in the Netherlands a beautiful bike path has been created, that reflects perfectly the nature around it. Forget the straight lines that exist everywhere in the Netherlands; this path has been built to replicate a meandering stream and I just absolutely love it.

Photographically it offers a unique opportunity to balance man made and nature in one photo, and add to that a little autumn colour and voila - an image that portrays this beautiful location with movement, colour, light and a feeling of being right there on that path.

Using the intentional camera movement (ICM) technique carefully I moved the camera upwards during the time that the shutter was open, but with just enough pause at the start to render the path clearly. I love to capture more than just straight lines in my ICM work, hence i play with the direction of movement of the camera quite a lot.

I am absolutely delighted that this image has won me just my second ever GOLD award with The Guild of Photographers monthly competitions. I am hugely proud of this one!

Bike path gold dustBike path gold dust



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