Spring is pink

March 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is pink

With the first sun in weeks, the blossom has suddenly appeared on the trees, or maybe it was there before but my head was low between my shoulders keeping out the wind and rain! Either way, I got out last night determined to do som ICM on the blossom. However i was sidetracked by the beauty of the blossom, so of course it was not just ICM that I did. But with the tree in my front garden, its a very easy location to go back too!

As with all ICM, it was a bit of trial and error till I found the style I liked. I was about half an hour playing before it clicked what i needed to do and see on the back of the camera. This little selection contains a variant on styles, but i think my favourites are the 1st one and the 3rd one.

With another sunny day today, i might just give it another go later! Practice makes perfect. Enjoy your weekend.

DSC_0917-Edit-EditDSC_0917-Edit-Edit DSC_0925-EditDSC_0925-Edit DSC_1038-EditDSC_1038-Edit DSC_1039-EditDSC_1039-Edit DSC_1072-EditDSC_1072-Edit DSC_1081-EditDSC_1081-Edit


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