Focus stacking in Photoshop - The Dutch tulip fields

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Focus stacking in Photoshop - The Dutch tulip fields

After many years of trial and error, trying to blend layers in photoshop using masks and the eraser tool, I finally have learnt how to do focus stacking in Photoshop – a revelation! Thanks to a great article in Amateur Photographer magazine from May 2018, I have learnt this wonderful new technique.

With April as prime tulip photography time, I’m busy trying to get front to back sharp images, which is really important in some locations – especially where windmills and tulips are involved. Out with my guests in the tulip fields, I am often asked the best way to shoot the location. Whilst good photos can be made using a great depth of field and selecting your focus point within one image very carefully, it is still tricky to get the whole image in focus if the distance between objects within the image is great.

This is the image I have just created using the focus stacking technique.


p.s. apologies for large watermark but this is the type of image to be utilised without my consent.

Factors to get right on location

  • On location when you are taking the photographs ideally you should use a tripod (you will hear in the video that I did not in this example!) this way you need not worry about trying to align all the images later.
  • You should take a minimum of 5 images with differing focus points front to back within the image. More images of course can be used for better coverage. 
  • Shoot in RAW if possible to enable the best editing options.
  • Make sure to select a good composition, and exposure as you would any other photograph.

Back on the computer

  • Import the images into light room………then follow the video.

I hope the video gives you an idea of how to work through the process, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I also cover a little of my work flow when producing my images.

Please click here to view the video on my You Tube channel

More videos coming soon!


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