In 2022 I am running an ICM challenge for my creative photography online community group.

Every 2 weeks (for 10 challenges), they are given a trigger word - a subject to photograph, or a word to interpret.

The subject challenges are:
Trees, Green, In the home, Water, Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Flowers, People, Black and white, and Festive

It is a fun challenge with a small competitive element. Because all those that submit and gain placings, also gain points towards the end of challenge awards.

Each challenge is judged by an external judge, who awards their top ten. The judges are:

Tony Bridge a Fuji ambassador, creator of beautiful landscapes with deep meaning, and my current mentor from New Zealand.
Morag Patterson a highly respected ICM photographer and trainer - half of Leeming and Patterson from the UK
Angela Nicholson - Founder of She clicks and Camera Jabber from the UK
Stephanie Johnson - creator of the ICM Photo Magazine and world recognised ICM photographer from USA
Lesley Chalmers - Panel member of The Guild of Photographers, my first ever photography mentor and the individual who introduced me to ICM in the UK
Paul Sanders - a superb black and white photographer and mindfulness photography expert from the UK.
Margaret Soraya - creator of beautiful water images including ICM and organiser of the Creative Light Festival in Scotland.
Lesley Thirsk - Director of the Guild of Photographers and highly respected wedding photographer in the UK.
Kaisa Sieren - Creator of beautiful, compelling ICM images - in Finland.
Glenys Garnett - a wonderfully creative individual and photographer who is a leader in innovative and creative ideas to try with your photography in the UK.
Bill Ward - A creator of beautiful images, and a wonderful ethos behind his work. His career in acting led him to photography as a quiet hobby away from the lights, but has flourished into a profession.

I also award a favourite 5 in addition to show the diverse appreciation of images.

Enjoy these photos, created by some super talented individuals - all who have followed a course or competed mentoring with me.

Each album contains in order - the winner, runner-up, top 10 and all the other entries. The Top 10 are photographer named - the remainder are numbered as they appeared for the judging.

If you would like the chance to be part of these challenges, please check out the training pages or contact me direct
ICM challenge album - treesICM challenge album - greenICM challenge - in the homeICM challenge album - waterICM challenge - abstractICM Challenge - animalsICM challenge -ArchitectureICM Challenge - FlowersICM Challenge - Black and whiteICM Challenge - peopleFestiveICM Challenge winners