The family experience collection

Have you ever wished for a photo session that was all about you and your family? A chance to capture the little events, moments or special places that you spend time together? Creating images that tell a story, a special time in your life rather than just a snap shot in a studio against an impersonal backdrop?

My family experience collection, is a photo experience that offers all of the above and so much more.

Forget limiting yourself to an hour, this experience is one to enjoy and relax during. I will join you for around 3 hours, and become part of your family, wherever you would like. Do you fancy a couple of locations that mean a lot to you? No problem, that is included as well.

The idea for this experience came after meeting and talking to many families in The Netherlands, who are sharing the experience of living in another country for just a short time, and mentioned that they would love to have some very special memories captured for when they return home. Some mentioned the desire for a big piece of wall art and others mentioned a collection of images in a book, again, both these options have been included in this opportunity.


In addition to the relaxed story telling images there is still the opportunity for a more posed style of photo if you are looking to share your images with friends and family. Though in my relaxed style of photography, these are never going to be over posed and stuffy images!

If you are still thinking about it, check out what the recipient of one of these shoot experiences had to say:

"Thank you Charlie, for the opportunity to capture precious family memories from our time spent in Oosterbeek, NL.  As you know, we lived in the Netherlands for 2 years on a business assignment from 2011 - 2013.  It took some time, but we eventually came to love and appreciate our new life there and all the unique surroundings.  We had established a routine and a home-life which we think back to fondly.  What a novel idea; to have you join us for a day while we simply did activities that we would typically do together at the park!  This would hopefully capture the feeling, events, surroundings and spontaneity of that time of our lives.  

What we didn't realize, was that we'd be having so much fun.  You fit in as part of our family.   The kids felt comfortable and even wanted to "show off" a bit being goofy.  You had a way of bringing them completely out of their shells and tapping into their true character with your photos.   Pieter and I didn't even really notice how many pictures you were taking.  You simply blended into the shadows and even at a distance, seemed to capture the essence of our family dynamic.  That is one of your strengths (knowing right where to be at a given time), the other is your creative eye whereby you get the most beautiful angle, focus or reflection which glorifies the moment perfectly!  

Now that we have moved back to the USA, this book has preserved that moment of our journey.  Our children's expressions, their ages, their joy and our playfulness together have been recorded so vividly.  It will enable us, and them to revisit that moment anytime we open the book.

You are truly a talented, people-oriented and inspiring professional who I would refer in the highest regard."

Please use the contact me page if you would like to book this photo experience. I am happy to travel all over the Netherlands so that you may have photos that are in a location that means something very special to you.

The price for this experience photo session is 450 euros. Which includes your photo shoot (up to 3 hours in up to 3 locations), and a unique and beautiful professionally produced 20 page photo book containing 30 of your images. Also a CD of 10 of your favourite images.