ICM Deep Dive on location in The Netherlands

20th - 25th September 2023 

Cost : 1700 euros per person

6 places available

Please click her for a detailed PDF of the workshop

For three years, Charlotte has taught her ICM deep dive course online to over 50 participants. Every single individual has enjoyed the course, and it offers a unique way of getting to grips with not only ICM photography, but also the specifics related to individual subjects.

2023 will be the first time Charlotte offers this workshop in person. Based from close to her home in the Netherlands, she knows super locations to offer wonderful learning environments for each of the subjects that will be covered.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself into ICM photography. Whether you are a beginner or have experience, this workshop will offer a wide range of opportunities to explore ICM photography from every angle. Having run a successful ‘deep dive ICM’ course online, this is the opportunity to follow a similar course structure, but with me on hand to offer immediate guidance, support and feedback.

Subjects for ICM photography will be woodlands and trees, water, architecture, animals, abstract/details, flowers and people.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 15.07.55Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 15.07.55

A packed few days based in the east of the Netherlands near my home. Photographic locations will include the beautiful woodlands of the Veluwe National park for the woodlands subject matter. Natural and creative waterfalls in Sonsbeek park offering creative water ICM opportunities. Arnhem Station or Doesburg town for architectural ICM opportunities. A visit to the inspiring Tuinen van Appeltern – (gardens of Appeltern) for a mix of detail, and a super opportunity to blend natural and manmade elements in ICM. And last but not least and a private horse ICM session, organised with a local stable to offer you a unique opportunity to try and master ICM with animals.

Each subject will be introduced with a presentation, and there will also be time during the course for analysis of your images, and the chance to look at post production techniques to enhance them. Loads of 1:1 tuition from me (Charlotte) guaranteed, in a supportive and relaxed learning environment.

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