From 2020 I am delighted to announce that I am working with Light and Land Photographic tours to offer two photographic holidays each year.

Together with Sue Bishop we will be guiding two tours of the beautiful Netherlands - the tulip fields in the spring, and the magical woodlands in the autumn. Group size will be between 8-12 with two highly qualified photographer guides; Charlotte and Sue. Accommodation is always booked on a single basis so no supplements for travelling on your own. These tours are suitable for any level of photographer but please note they are holidays rather than training workshops. These tours are of a medium exertion level- simply because we are photographing full days (not because there are any hills in Holland!)

For all the info about myself as a tour leader and links to each of the tours I am involved with please click here or continue onto either of the direct tour links below for each specific photographic tours.

1st - 5th November 2021 is the magical woodlands tour - a 4 day packed tour exploring the beautiful woodlands of the Netherlands

The Netherlands in the autumn is beautiful, and offers striking photographic opportunities of colour and contrast. Straight lines of trees with overhanging reflections in canals in contrast to the gnarled trunks of the ‘dancing trees’ will leave you surprised and amazed at the landscape of the Netherlands – it’s not all cheese, clogs and windmills – though I can guarantee you will taste the amazing Dutch apple pie!

Autumn in the Netherlands is a bit of a well kept secret - most people know the country for its tulips and windmills, but the woodlands here offer a striking contrast to the otherwise flat landscape. Your time in the Dutch woodlands will offer an amazing array of photographic opportunities, regardless of whether you are a more traditional landscape photographer, or someone experimenting with ICM, macro, abstract or multiple exposures. On all these angles, your guides Charlotte and Sue have you covered. Both are experienced in all these genres. Charlotte has lived in the Netherlands for over eight years and knows all the unique woodlands to photograph - a number of which are barely visited by other photographers. Whatever the weather there are so many opportunities to explore and create beautiful and unique images.

Please click this link for more information Light and Land Netherlands photography tour in the autumn

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21st - 24th April 2022 is the tulips tour - a 4 day full packed tour of the tulip fields, Keukenhof, small villages, windmills and Amsterdam

Join us for a fantastic colourful 5 day photographic journey in Holland. A complete sensory experience. Not only will you see and photograph the unique landscapes of this country, but you will also smell and taste what makes this country unique. There is nothing quite like smelling a field of hyacinths before you even see it, and of course Holland is world famous for its cheese. 

In a small group of 8-12 photographers, you will travel throughout North Holland, photographing the beautiful bulb fields in bloom, traditional windmills and pretty Dutch villages. A trip to the world famous Keukenhof gardens is included in the trip. Enter as it opens and enjoy the tranquility and perfection that can only be achieved by an early morning visit.  Holland is famous for its windmills. You will visit the mills of Schermerhorn – a UNESCO world heritage site to photograph, and if you wish, you may explore inside. A tour of Amsterdam is included, offering you the chance to capture stunning images of this vibrant city. The architecture is amazing, and street photography opportunities abound. Everyone has heard of Edam cheese – those cute Baby Bell adverts! The small town of Edam is beautiful and very photogenic. With its tiny canals, wooden houses and cobbled streets, you will find yourself in a world away from busting Amsterdam where you arrived into the country. The Dutch love their cheese and apple cake (not together), so taste experiences are guaranteed on this trip too!

Please click this link for more information - Holland windmills and tulips photography tour

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