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The enormity of silence
Time and space to wonder, at the enormity of silence.

When you sit and listen to silence what do you really hear? Does a feeling from within suddenly have a voice that can be heard, which normally is silenced by the daily rush and noise of a life moving so fast you feel the need to step off.

Scotland was a revelation for me - the space and beauty so enormous, so raw, natural, simple but complex. But an overwhelming feeling of calm and peace and love joined me at every new location I explored.

Looking out to Skye on the first night, seeing the sun set and waters lapping, 'quiet'. Watching the clouds dancing over the rolling and craggy mountains, 'quiet'. The first light caressing the mist that hung across the loch and the hills, 'quiet'. Headlands, that appeared like islands out of the grey loch, 'quiet'. Watching the weather rolling down the hill to meet me, bidding a hasty retreat, but getting lost in the rain battering my back, 'quiet'.