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Strong stand forwards

When you walk into a wood the morning of fresh snow, the silence is deafening. The only signs of life are tracks made from the forest animals; the rabbits and deer.

As I walk deeper into the wood I feel blessed at my desire to get out into the cold, to experience a new world today.

Trees that often merge into each other, are now separated by a sheet of white. The trunks are so strong, each an individual of its own standing.

The strong trunks stand so proud of the soft firs, and the masses of spindly branches each its own texture in this white and black wilderness.

Using black and white in this collection of images has really accentuated the contrasts created by a snow fall.

Each image included in this collection has been chosen to portray this beautiful woodland in all its glory; from strength to softness. From paths that lead me on, to banks of individuals standing like an army.
Strong stand forwards