Learn to master your camera -photography course

Have you got the most wonderful digital camera but wish you could use it out of Auto mode? Wonder why your children are always blurred in your photos? Feel frustrated because your holiday photos are now what you expect or desire? Or do you need to be able to use a camera for work?.........Then need that course in English to get the most out of the experience because you can't speak Dutch?

I still remember learning how to use my camera out of Auto and the freedom, excitement and creativity this brought to my photography. I never looked back after my first course, and so I understand how you may be feeling, which really helps me to tailor your learning experience. I am committed to you achieving your goals, 110% enthusiastic about teaching and your learning and I love sharing this journey of with my students.

Your tutor

I have been a professional photographer for ten years. Initially specialising in children's, family and wedding photography, since moving to the Netherlands in 2012 I have gained much recognition for my landscape photography skills as well. 

My photography courses can be tailor made to your situation and learning desires in your chosen location, or you may choose to join one of the established 8 week courses that are running throughout the year at my studio and home near Arnhem.

Learn to use your camera - 8 week course 

My 8 week understanding your camera courses are more than just learning what buttons do what. By the end of the course you will have an in depth understanding of how to create photos that make people want to do more than take a quick glance at them! You will understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO and how these factors operate in combination. Learning to use your flash and taking photos of people each have their own individual dedicated lessons, as does post processing (what you can do with your photos after you have taken them!)

All my 8 week courses have a maximum of 6 students. This ensures one to one time with each person and a more enjoyable and satisfying learning experience for you. Teaching is not restricted to those with a digital SLR (larger camera body with lenses). I'm also happy to work with those of you trying to get the most out of your point and shoot cameras, although they do need to have certain functions to get the most out of these classes.

Student feedback

For me, the best thing that I can hear when i'm teaching my classes is "wow"! Strangely I hear this quite a lot, and every time it happens it makes me smile. I absolutely love teaching, and enjoy watching each student's journey unfold as they learn new things and become more confident using their camera.

"Using a digital point and shoot camera on automatic settings is great especially for busy family life. But I wanted to find out more for the quiet moments in life. Charlie showed me how to use my camera on manual mode and explained what all the letters and numbers meant on the display, which for years I have had switched off. I found Charlie's relaxed teaching method put me at ease for trying new things with my camera. Thank you Charlie." - Donna

"I enjoyed learning how to use my camera and not just leaving it on auto! Having a class size of 4 was good ans you could help and advise us individually at an easy pace. I always looked forward to our classes and miss it now!" - Nathalie