Below I am putting together a collection of reviews from those I have mentored on an individual or group basis. If you would like to hear what others have to say about the experience please read on.


"I had seen examples of ICM by other photographers and was intrigued but a little reluctant to try it for myself – what if I was rubbish, or the pictures just turned out to be blurry nonsense? Then I saw Charlie give a talk on her ICM and creative approaches, and I immediately booked onto one of her short courses. I am very glad I did, as I’m now hooked on all the endless creative possibilities with using ICM in my own photography. I am finding new ways of seeing and interpreting some very old familiar subjects, and I have finally let go of expectations – my own and others – of what an image ‘should’ be. I am much more interested now in what an image ‘could’ be. Thank you Charlie for a fun, illuminating and empowering new technique and skill set. Your gentle guidance was just what was needed." Amber Burton - ICM group mentoring course.


"I really wanted to explore how to become more creative with my photography.  The one bonus of Lockdown was the availability of Zoom meetings, opening up Workshops that would have been impossible ordinarily.  How wonderful that I found Charlotte Bellamy was offering a variety of courses - I wanted to do them all ! Having completed my first course I can say it was the best thing I have signed up for.  Charlotte went through the various techniques and so we were all enabled to produce a body of work to discuss over the coming weeks.  I found it great to discuss the work that each of us produced.  We all learned from it. Charlotte is not only free with sharing her knowledge she provided lots of links and information for us to take further.  She is kind with her critique, offering suggestions and always mega supportive.  I can highly recommend this course and am excited to take my newly learned skills further !" Jane Berrisford - ICM group mentoring course


Thank you so much for the tutorials, I have really enjoyed the whole learning experience, thank you for the encouragement, the cc and for all your ideas and insights, I really love your work. Zoe - ICM group mentoring course.


Thanks for an inspiring and motivating series of sessions! I've enjoyed seeing everyone's images and now want to get out and try some new things...Rose - ICM group mentoring course


"Just to thank you for running such a fun and informative course. I loved seeing everyone's images and different ideas. Best course I have done this year. You have really inspired me to continue and enjoy this genre". Debbie - ICM group mentoring course


"Thank you so much for putting together the ICM mentoring sessions, I really enjoyed the 3 part series.  I loved reviewing everyone’s images and getting ideas for future subject matter.  The assignments were a great reason to get out and shoot and practice the technique. Each challenge offered me new “a ha” moments and I enjoyed seeing my growth and development.  I also appreciated the post processing tips". Traci - ICM group mentoring course


"I'm so glad I took part in Charlotte's ICM course. I had dabbled with ICM before but, through her guidance over the 3 sessions, I not only learned more techniques but also to think about WHY I was taking photos using ICM. She subtly trained my eye and brain to think about what ICM would bring to an image. She's a good teacher and I especially found the homework she set very valuable in encouraging me to develop my ICM." Colin - ICM group mentoring course


Just wanted to say thank you very much indeed for the three week tuition really enjoyed it  and you have certainly kindled my interest in ICM - Miriam - ICM group mentoring course

I just wanted so say I really did appreciate the course. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to join a ICM course, but I'm glad I did. When you can't travel, you walk in the same wood or park or along the coast as you have done already at least 50 times. Then ICM is one way to see the familiar places in a new light. I have been enjoying to learn more about ICM and broaden my own use of "ICM-tools". - Gunilla - ICM group mentoring course

I want to thank you so much for your encouragement and support.  Have really enjoyed all the courses with you ... need to think of another subject to explore so we can have more !  Keep in touch and would be great to meet in person one day - you never know ! Jane B - ICM and multiple exposures group mentoring course

Loved, loved, loved being a part of this group and enjoyed the camaraderie, enthusiasm and energy of the sessions and participants.  I can’t wait to travel and come visit your neck of the woods! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your areas through ICM.Traci- ICM and multiple exposures group mentoring course

I really enjoyed this course! I don’t think I have attended a workshop before where everyone were so supportive of each other. Birgitta- ICM and multiple exposures group mentoring course

Thank you so much for the workshops. I learned so much from your input in the first session and was able to put a lot of it into practice. Thank you too to the group - each one of you have inspired me. Your images were so creative and your feedback to each other has given me new ideas to develop my photography. Look forward to seeing you again! Valerie - ICM and multiple exposures group mentoring course

Having now attended all of Charlotte’s mentoring sessions, and having thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.  Charlotte shares her knowledge freely and explains the different techniques needed for success in a supportive and encouraging way.   The weekly group critique sessions were good fun, extremely useful and Charlotte's own body of work is truly inspirational.   I’m really looking forward to working with her again in the near future. Lyn - completed all the courses.

This course was the perfect blend of technical information and creative mindset. Charlotte is a great teacher, with well-prepared materials and supportive, helpful feedback. I love that I am now seeing (and shooting) my familiar surroundings in a whole new way! - Jordan - ICM group mentoring course.

I have just finished Charlotte’s three-week ICM mentoring group course and am very sorry it is over as it was great!  It’s a wonderful combination of tuition, homework, discussion and supportive comment.  The group is kept really small so you get individual feedback on your images in a positive, constructive and completely unrushed environment.  I definitely recommend giving it a go! - EmmaJane - ICM group mentoring course

Delightful ICM workshop!  I enjoyed looking at and discussing everybody’s work. In your workshop, I gained a working knowledge for ICM photography from preconception to post-processing I could not have gained anywhere else. It was such a success. Tricia - ICM mentoring course