Student photos and kind words

For me, the best thing that I can hear when i'm teaching my classes is "wow"! Strangely I hear this quite a lot, and every time it happens it makes me smile. I absolutely love teaching, and enjoy watching each student's journey unfold as they learn new things and become more confident using their camera.

So I thought it fitting that I should share some of the images they have taken throughout the courses with you, in recognition of their development and commitment to learning how to use their cameras out of auto!

I have also included the kind words they have offered with regards to their experiences.

Enjoy, I hope it gives you an idea of how fun the courses are and how much you could gain from them. 

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"Using a digital point and shoot camera on automatic settings is great especially for busy family life. But I wanted to find out more for the quiet moments in life. Charlie showed me how to use my camera on manual mode and explained what all the letters and numbers meant on the display, which for years I have had switched off. I found Charlie's relaxed teaching method put me at ease for trying new things with my camera. Thank you Charlie." - Donna

"I enjoyed learning how to use my camera and not just leaving it on auto! Having a class size of 4 was good ans you could help and advise us individually at an easy pace. I always looked forward to our classes and miss it now!" - Nathalie