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Turquoise scribbles

As the last rays of sun caught the tops of the twisting waves that crashed onto St Lucia beach in South Africa, i congratulated myself on braving the boardwalk onto the sand lined with 'beware of the crocodile' signs, before arriving on the windswept beach.

With just a sprinkling of individuals enjoying the last light of the day, I was drawn to the beautifully lit waves. Crisp and powerful, yet soft and gentle at the same time.

The combination of sunset colours on the water with the orange beach sand and the aquamarine of the clear water really caught by creativity.

Waiting for the waves to curl on their journey from sea to land, I was captivated by the rhythmic rolling of the water and the ensuing images i captured.

For these images I used the ICM technique following the movement of the waves across and towards the beach. The movement of my camera i chose to add softness and movement, but to maintain structure and detail.
Turquoise scribbles